Why are Film Festivals Important?

Film Festivals

Many people go to the cinema to watch films, which is great, but on the other hand, social posts are filled with statements like I just binge watched a whole season on Netflix. People can watch what they want when they want without leaving the comforts of their home. However, what film festivals can offer, you can’t get that watching from the comforts of your home or go to the local multiplex.

Here are the top few reasons of why film festivals are important.

  • Get to see pure cinema

The films showcased in festivals are usually not rated so you will get to see a film in its purest form and also these films are not edited either. Viewer’s discretion is often advised but you don’t get watered down versions of anything. They also take more narrative risks than mainstream films. A film festival organisation committee will find these and create special programs around themes.

  • Chance to meet the maker or on-screen personality

The person or people who were involved in making the film will likely be sitting next to you. Filmmakers want to make connections as much as possible and want to get their message out to most of the people as possible. Filmmakers don’t have a backing of a major company so they must be there with their own travelling publicity team and they will be more than happy to chat with you. Almost every film festival has a special guest to represent a film they were a part of. Even if you are not star struck, you can have some incredible conversations with some of these name stars.

  • Showcase your talent

If an independent filmmaker, it would be very difficult to rent a theatre to show the movie, advertise for it and bring the crowds. This would cost hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars to do so. However, if these filmmakers showcase their movies in a film festival, they can save money and get to showcase their talent to the wider audience. If they are lucky, they may get a nomination and win an award.

So, these are few of the reasons why film festivals are important.