About Us

Underwater Film Festival is a digital publication covering the art, technology, business and craft of underwater filmmaking. Through our regularly updated blog, we cover the world of independent film and underwater film from the point of view of the working filmmaker and the independent film enthusiasts.

At Underwater Film Festival, you get updates on the upcoming underwater film festivals, interviews with directors, how to articles on production, distribution and new technology, information on films in the pipeline and commentary on the indie scene. Here you will also find tips to help you build your filmmaking with our collection of articles, expert blogs, images and much more.

Underwater Film Festival is a community of filmmakers from all around the world and all areas of the industry. We want our member filmmakers to join together to meet new people, ask questions, give advice, discuss their projects and have fun while growing their career in underwater filmmaking. We help businesses and individuals alike to increase their productivity and demonstrate their aptitude on large scale.

We help individuals to know the beauty and power of the ocean and celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea’s salt spray, who chase the crests of waves and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue. Underwater Film Festivals help you to avail a unique opportunity to take a look at the underwater world, to find out more about it through films, photographs, discussions with authors and with other underwater adventures and enthusiasts. The main goal is to provide education and environmental consciousness to all the people.

Run by a team of dedicated writers, we publish engaging and entertaining blog posts to help you discover the beauty of underwater. Here you will find the festivals taking place around the world as well in your vicinity, how to book tickets, what to pack in and dress up for the event. We also offer a treasure trove of information and how to tips for independent filmmakers around the world.